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Help and Hope Closet

Located at 78 Maryland Ave in Battle Creek, MI, the Help and Hope Closet, founded by Vickie Brennan in 2014, offers clothing, household goods, and food to the community for free. As a vital resource for support and assistance, their efforts are crucial in our collective mission to help those in need. We are honored to have them as a partner.

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Hindi’s Libraries

Founded in memory of Dr. Hindi Krinsky in 2018, Hindi’s Libraries began with three libraries at her children’s school, quickly growing from a modest collection of 500 books to over 400,000, thanks to community support. Now partnered with over 750 organizations worldwide, the charity honors Hindi’s love for reading by sharing books with children across the globe. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, all donations to Hindi’s Libraries are tax-deductible, helping to extend Hindi’s legacy and passion for literature.

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Lasagna Love

Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit that connects neighbors through homemade meal deliveries, emphasizing kindness and community support. Started during the pandemic, it has grown to serve 3,500 meals weekly across 3 countries with over 52,000 volunteers. The initiative focuses on feeding families and breaking down stigmas around asking for help, showcasing the significant impact of communal care and generosity in challenging times.

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Laundry Love

Laundry Love offers a simple, yet profound service: washing clothes and bedding for low or no income individuals and families across the U.S. Their commitment to improving lives extends beyond cleanliness; they bring dignity, love, and a sense of care to countless people by collaborating with various groups and laundromats nationwide. With regular laundry events, they ensure that this essential need is met consistently, fostering community and support for those who need it most.

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United for the Unsheltered of Kalamazoo

United 4 the Unsheltered emerged from a group of compassionate individuals in Kalamazoo in February 2022, addressing the critical needs of the local unhoused population. Their mission is to provide essential items such as meals, hygiene products, and survival gear to those living without shelter in Kalamazoo County, while also partnering with similar organizations and community members to raise awareness and foster change.

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