Hey there, potential Freetail Therapy superhero! So, you’re thinking of joining the ranks of kindness warriors, huh? Buckle up, buttercup, ’cause you’re in for a treat.

Freetail Therapy 101: The Lowdown

  1. Mission Control: We’re a non-profit with a heart as big as the Michigan sky. Our mission? Spreading random acts of kindness and working hand-in-hand with the unhoused community in Battle Creek.
  2. Hot Dogs & Green Thumbs: We’re not just about warm fuzzies; we’ve got a Neighborhood Garden that’s gonna be the envy of veggies everywhere. Monthly Garden Parties? Hell yeah! We roast hot dogs, get our hands dirty, and create a space where community vibes thrive.
  3. Pantries & Orchards: We’re not just about putting food on tables; we’re creating sustainable change. Think free food pantries, flourishing gardens, and fruit orchards that add a touch of sweetness to our community.
  4. Feeding the Soul: Our monthly community meal is where the real magic happens. We cook and serve around 100 people experiencing homelessness, turning a simple meal into a feast of compassion.

How to Dive In:

  1. Get in Touch: Shoot us a message – carrier pigeon not required. Let us know you’re ready to sprinkle some kindness.
  2. Your Superpower: What’s your hidden talent? Are you a green thumb, a DIY enthusiast, a tech whiz, or just have a knack for making things awesome? Whatever your unique skill is, we want to know! At Freetail Therapy, we believe everyone’s got a superpower, and we’re ready to harness it for good.
  3. Spread the Word: Share the Freetail Therapy gospel. Tell your friends, family, and that random person on the street. The more, the merrier!

Remember, we’re not just a non-profit; we’re a family of kickass kindness spreaders. Ready to join the ranks? Let’s make Battle Creek the kindness capital! 🌈✨