Yearly Operating Expenses

Thanks a bunch for thinking about chipping in to support Freetail Therapy. Your generosity means the world to us, seriously. As a non-profit doing our thing in Battle Creek, Michigan, we’re all about making a positive impact on our community. And guess what? You can be a part of that too!

Now, let’s chat about where your hard-earned bucks are gonna go. We’ve got these basic operational expenses that keep us rolling and able to do what we do best – helping out those who need it most. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • Community Events: $3,000 Those awesome Garden Parties and community get-togethers? Yeah, they’re a blast, but they come with some costs. From food like pop and hot dogs to shindig supplies, we want everyone to have a good time, and that takes a bit of moolah. (This cost was fully covered by Penetrator Events in 2023!)
  • Food Pantry Supplies: $3,000 Stocking up on essentials for the food pantries means we’re always ready to help out. Canned goods, fresh produce, and all the good stuff – it adds up, but it’s worth it to keep our pantries loaded.
  • Gasoline: $1,600 We’re not talking joy rides here. Our team hits the road to deliver essentials like tents, clean clothes, bathroom stuff, hot meals, groceries, and books to folks in need. Gas ain’t free, and your donation helps keep us rolling.
  • Property Taxes: $62 We’ve got this sweet community garden that pumps out fresh produce for our underserved pals. Your money here? It goes into keeping the garden thriving and supplying healthy eats to those who might not get them otherwise.
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Insurance: $1,200 Our wheels are crucial for our work, and we need to keep ’em in tip-top shape. Plus, insurance is like a safety net for our vehicles and team in case things get a bit wild out there.
  • Website: $500 per year Our online hub is where the magic happens – connecting with awesome donors (like you!), volunteers, and the community. It’s like our virtual HQ, and your support keeps it running smoothly.

No donation is too small. Seriously, every bit helps us keep the good vibes flowing in Battle Creek. Whether it’s a one-time thing or you’re up for some recurring goodness, your contribution makes a real difference.

Thanks a million for being a rockstar supporter of Freetail Therapy. Let’s keep the kindness train rolling!

Cheers, The Freetail Therapy Crew