Shop Anywhere


We’ve got this awesome routine where we scan those everyday receipts on various apps that are like little points factories. These apps reward us with points just for the data on your receipts (what you buy and when, none of your personal info) – some items give bonus points, it’s like turning your shopping adventures into a treasure hunt!

Now, what do we do with these points? Well, buckle up because it gets even better. We take those points and cash them in for gift cards. And here’s the real kicker – these gift cards aren’t just for a shopping spree; they’re our secret weapons to get the essentials our community needs. Think food, tents, and more. We combine these gift cards with sales and coupons to get the most bang for our……trash!

In a nutshell, we want YOUR receipts to be part of this epic journey. Those grocery runs, essential shopping sprees, and retail therapy sessions at the dispensary you’ve been having? They’re more than just transactions; they’re a powerhouse of support for Freetail Therapy.

So, how can you join the receipt revolution? Easy peasy – you shop, you send us your receipts from ANY store, and BOOM! Your regular spending transforms into a silent but impactful contribution to our community goals.

And hey, those pieces of paper we all toss aside? We’re giving them a second chance at greatness. It’s a win-win situation – you keep doing your thing, and each purchase becomes a step towards something meaningful.

Mail or drop off receipts dated from the previous 2 weeks to:
Freetail Therapy
97 Helen M Montgomery Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49037