Neighborhood Garden Party

Are you interested in sustainable gardening practices or just enjoying a beautiful outdoor space? Then you won’t want to miss the Neighborhood Garden Party! This monthly event offers individuals and families of all ages a chance to learn about gardening and sustainable living while enjoying fun activities and connecting with their community.

Penetrator Events sponsors the monthly Neighborhood Garden Party, and Freetail Therapy serves as the host venue. Our FREE event promotes sustainable agriculture and healthy living by showcasing community gardens’ benefits. It also provides educational resources on soil health, composting, planting techniques, and related topics.

Mark your calendars and join us at the Neighborhood Garden Party for an unforgettable experience!

2023 Neighborhood Garden Party Schedule

  • April 22: Spring Cleaning and Garden Preparation – Join us for a full yard deep clean as we prepare the garden for the upcoming growing season. We’ll be clearing away debris and getting the space ready for planting.
  • May 20: Planting and Seedling Care – Learn about planting techniques and how to care for young seedlings.
  • June 17: Pollinators and Beneficial Insects – Learn about the role of bees, butterflies, and other insects in pollinating plants and maintaining a healthy garden.
  • July 15: Garden Harvest – Celebrate the plentiful fresh produce that community gardens can yield and learn various methods to prepare and preserve your harvest.
  • August 19: Composting and Soil Health – Learn about the importance of soil health and how to create your own compost to nourish your garden.
  • September 16: Fall Gardening and Cover Crops – Explore fall planting crops and learn how cover crops can improve soil health.
  • October 21: Harvest Festival – Celebrate the end of the gardening season with a festive event featuring food, music, and games. Costumes welcome!

At the Neighborhood Garden Party, we welcome everyone – from beginners to experienced gardeners – to participate in our monthly events. Each event offers a variety of hands-on activities to teach attendees about sustainable agriculture, healthy living, and community engagement.

Whether you’re planting seeds, weeding, or harvesting vegetables, there’s always something to do to keep the garden thriving. Our goal is to provide a space where individuals can gather to learn, share knowledge, and actively contribute to building a sustainable and healthy community.

Stay informed about upcoming events and learn how to get involved by RSVPing and following us on social media.

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